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Duration: 8 months
Type: Evening classes (2 per week)
Course: MD.H certificate
Start: 27 October 2020 (Munich)/1 September 2020 (Berlin)
Tuition fees: €349.00/month
Locations: Munich Berlin


Whether it is about the design of advertising material, sales documentation, presentations in your own company or the implementation of commissioned work, this evening course provides all the practical knowledge that is necessary for the design and implementation.

Classes for every format - graphic designers make advertising material eye-catching.

Graphic designers convey advertising messages using artistic means and transform simple messages into eye-catching statements. This covers adverts, billboards and brochures to sales guidelines and presentations. There are no limits to your creativity, you just have to make sure you hit the target.

What does the MD.H offer?

In two sessions per week over the course of eight months,the training provides a holistic understanding of design and media technology relationships and trains the eye for aesthetic parameters. The teaching content is conveyed in two modules in a transparent and practical way: graphic design and print publishing.

The graphic design module deals with the principles of visual communication. . How does optimal room division work? What is possible with typeface? Where should images ideally be placed? In-depth knowledge of typography as well as Illustrator and Photoshop gives evening course participants the means to put their ideas into the layout.

Back to the roots. The second module revolves around the classic design discipline: Print publishing. The course covers everything: InDesign and Acrobat will be covered in depth as well as the specifics of the pre-press stage and typesetting and reproduction techniques. Finally, you create brochures, advertisements or posters independently - according to your taste.

An overview of MD.H training content

Fundamentals of graphic design

  • Presentation/illustration
  • Core IT skills
  • Typography
  • Visualisation (Illustrator)
  • Digital image processing (Photoshop)

Print publishing

  • InDesign/Acrobat
  • Printing processes
  • Production process - paper, typesetting, printing, reproduction
  • Conception, design and implementation
  • Coursework

How can you become a graphic designer?

The Graphic Design evening course is designed for beginners who want to gain qualifications for the following work areas:

  • Professional design of advertising material
  • Tasks designed in coordination and consultation with companies and agencies



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