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Duration: 8 MONTHS
Type: Evening classes (2 per week)
Course: MD.H certificate
Start: 31 August 2020
Tuition fees: €349.00/month
Locations: Berlin

Workshop Content

Whether it is the realization and maintenance of the company's own presence or the implementation of commissioned work, this evening course conveys practically all the knowledge that is necessary for the design and implementation of responsive websites.

What does the MD.H offer?

In two sessions per week over the course of eight months, this training will provide you with a general understanding of design and media technology. The teaching content is split into two transparent and practical modules. USER INTERFACE DESIGN and MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES.

In the user interface design module, you will learn the classic fundamentals of visual communication and how to use modern graphic software tools. This will allow you to develop your own sense of aesthetic.

In the following media technologies module, you will learn all the production steps in creating a website as well as creating and incorporating animations. In the final project work supervised by the specialist lecturer, you create your own web project, incorporating all the tools and technical methods you have learned.

An overview of training content


  • Interface Design with Illustrator
  • Web/Typography
  • Digital image processing with Photoshop
  • Prototyping with experience design


  • Web technologies
  • Front end development
  • Web publishing systems                                                           
  • Online project

Target group

This evening course is designed for people who want to gain qualifications for the following work areas:

  • Professional design and creation of responsive websites
  • Maintenance of web presence of your own company or that of a customer
  • Design and production technology background knowledge for all coordinating and advisory tasks in companies and agencies



Print view of: https://en.mediadesign.de/ausbildung-und-abendkurse/abendkurs-webdesign.