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Duration: 3 years
Type: Full time including 18-month work placement
Course: Media Designer for Digital and Print Media (IHK)
Start: 1 September (Munich) |1 October (Dusseldorf)
Tuition fees: €399/month (M)
Locations: Munich

Training: Structure and content

Training as a media designer for digital and print media at the MD.H enables an optimal entry into the graphic arts industry. It is divided into three phases: Phase 1 includes a 12-month basic training that gives a broad overview and insight into all subject areas. This “General Studies” allows you to find your own strengths and weaknesses. This is followed by the 18-month internship phase in graphic companies and agencies. In the course of the internship, you can specialize in the desired area. The third phase prepares you thoroughly for the state final exam before the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce [Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK)].

The teaching content at MD.H conveys knowledge of design principles for the print and digital sectors. The following topics are covered:

  • Design basics and color design
  • Photography and digital image processing
  • Typography and layout development
  • Vector and presentation graphics
  • Print publishing / prepress / PDF
  • Materials science and printing technology
  • Web publishing
  • Screen design
  • Audio, video and animation
  • Data handling and media integration
  • visual marketing, economics and social studies, communication
  • and specialized calculations

The individual teaching topics are divided into modules. Within a module, theoretical teaching units are linked to corresponding exercises and project tasks. In this way, the path to an internship is paved with practical knowledge.

Our Career Service

Contacts, contacts, contacts - especially in the media industry they are the be-all and end-all. It is good if you as a beginner do not have to start from scratch, but can benefit from existing interfaces to the job market. The Career Service of MD.H supports you during your training in finding a suitable internship, as well as in the transfer from training to work. With around 1,500 company contacts per location, the career service is well networked and always up to date on current job offers.

Why the MD.H?

  • 96% success rate in IHK exams
  • High employability rate
  • Flexibility to choose your individual specialism
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Close personal guidance
  • Career Service
  • 20 years of experience teaching Media Design.

Application process and contact

A personal interview and a written application decide on the admission. This is possible at any time. For this programme, you must have at least the equivalent of a high school leaving certificate. The written application contains your certificates and a CV with a photo.

Want to learn more about this training? Please contact the relevant Student Advice Team in BerlinDusseldorf oder Munich.

We also warmly invite you to attend one of our regular open evenings. Here, lecturers from the Media and Design Department give informative overviews of the training programme. In a lively and vivid manner, you will learn first-hand everything about the content and structure of your training, lesson times, financing and much more. A round of questions and a tour of the university complete the event.


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