Auslandsstudium mit dem IEC

Auslandsstudium mit dem IEC

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Have you always wanted to study abroad?

The Media Design School and the International Education Centre are there to help you organise a voluntary semester abroad at a foreign university.

What does the IEC do to support students?

The IEC offers comprehensive advice and looks after your application. It also looks for suitable universities for you and provides you with all information you need about the host country.

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What does the advice cost?

The advice is free for students at the Media Design School..

What does studying abroad cost?

The costs vary from university to university.
If you have questions about exact prices, please don’t hesitate in contacting our IEC contact point.

Do you have to pay tuition fees to the MD.H during the semester abroad?

While studying abroad, you only have to pay the Media Design School an administrative fee of €150.00 (inc. VAT).

When can you study a semester abroad?

After 6.5 semesters, BA students have the possibility of completing a semester abroad. At this point you should ideally have completed all modules of your degree and only have bachelor thesis outstanding. The semester abroad generally takes place between January and May. When you return, you will concentrate on writing your bachelor thesis.

MA students are advised to plan their semester abroad for after the 2nd semester.

What courses can you take at the university?

You are not restricted to courses that relate to the MD.H curriculum.

Does the MD.H recognise/count achievements abroad?

Since you will be visiting the foreign university as a free mover, you cannot count the courses from abroad against your regular studies.

If you have any further questions, please contact the IEC advice team on: | 030-20458687 (Mo-Fr 10 am - 6 pm)





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