Corona Virus

Corona Virus

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MD.H hygiene plan

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Links and information about Covid-19

Here, you can find various links to useful sources of information:

Funding programmes for self-employed people 
Government information sites on COVID 19 - Every day heroes bursary 

KfW student credit should help students in the coronavirus crisis

From the beginning of May, students can apply for an interest free loan from the KfW. The interest free loan can be up to €650/month. You can apply for the loan online without any hassle.

To KfW website

Medication delivery from China

We are very grateful to be receiving herbal medicines that are easy to digest and prevent a strong cough or cold from Hunan Normal University. We thank our colleagues at HUN and send them our best wishes and thanks for our collaboration, which we hope to develop further in the future.


Should you be applying for jobs during the crisis? YES!

Bewerben in der Krise? JA!

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How should I go about applying for jobs during this crisis? In these times, applications involve a few specific considerations. Some employers will probably not be able to reassess their situation until politicians loosen the rigorous restrictions and give companies scope and timelines. There are also currently companies that are looking for employees because they have ongoing projects/publications or because online business has picked up. Some helpful suggestions from Maren Müller-Bierbaum, Head of the Careers Service:


Studying with Corona Part 1

Bewerben in der Krise? JA!

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Use your time! Work on your application documents

Use this time of limited social interaction to work on your application and then, when society and the economy is back in business, you will be waiting with your application. The Careers Services Team is happy to help you with your application or any questions you may have about finding your first job. Please feel free to email us and we can then discuss how to proceed (meetings, e.g. over Skype, by phone, etc.).

To Careers Service

€6,000 for coronavirus heroes! is issuing “Everyday heroes bursaries” to students in Germany who have helped their community.

  • Are you doing the shopping for vulnerable people in your neighbourhood?
  • Are you a medical student volunteering in a hospital?
  • Have you ever answered calls for a crisis line?
  • Are you helping out a food bank to make sure people are getting enough food?
  • Or have you helped people out in another way?

Then apply now for the everyday heroes bursary! 

Apply now

Studying with Corona Part 2

Bewerben in der Krise? JA!

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Looking for a job? Register for the MD.H job portal?

The MD.H Careers Centre gives you access to current positions in partner companies across Europe. Just click her

Advantages of the MD.H Careers Centre

  • Job portal
  • Presentation of MD.H partner companies
  • More direct contact to the HR person responsible
  • Upload your CV and grant access rights to the HR person responsible, for example when applying for compulsory work placements
  • Job talks, events, etc. at the MD.H and your partners with direct registration functions
  • Access to international vacancies
  • Industry-specific application tips
  • You can continue to use the Careers Centre after graduation with your personal email address

To MD.H job portal

New immediate coronavirus help

New immediate coronavirus help - the Hildegardis-Verein is offering interest free loans to students with a simplified application process

Bonn, 27 April 2020 In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Hildegardis-Verein is starting an immediate help programme for students. Applications for the interest free loan, which the Group has been issuing since being founded in 1907, will be assessed and granted in simplified processes. The simplified process includes an increase to up to €3,000. The Chair of the Hildegardis-Verein, Charlotte Kreuter-Kirchhof explains, “We want students in this situation to be helped in a quick and hassle-free way. We want to welcome them into our network.”





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