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Hunan Normal University of China donates 3000 masks to MD.H

On April 20th, Hunan Normal University of China donated 3000 masks to our university, providing security for our faculty, staff, logistic and security personnel, and international students who stayed in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Prof. Christian Malterer on behalf of our university, we express our sincere thanks to Hunan Normal University of China, and express our mutual help and mutual assistance during the different periods of international anti-epidemic. Our teachers and students will forge a deep friendship in the battle against the new crown epidemic, a battle for all mankind. Hunan normal university international department has been paying close attention to the situation of our teachers and students from the beginning to the end of the epidemic prevention and control stage in germany, and expresses the hope that the donated materials can help the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in berlin media design institute, and expects the two sides to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation. At present, when the critical period of prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Germany is in short supply of all kinds of protective materials, Hunan Normal University of China Department of our school friendly cooperation school, this free donation of masks, showing the care of our school teachers and students, the German epidemic situation, as well as the international humanitarian spirit of fighting the epidemic together.

德国柏林媒体设计学院简介 Mediadesign Hochschule – MD.H

柏林媒体设计学院(MediaDesign Hochschule MD.H)始建于1987年,2004年作为德国第一所获得德国国家科学委员会及德国高校法认证的私立媒体设计大学, 也是德国第一所开设数字媒体艺术/游戏设计专业的大学。作为德国最著名的媒体设计学院之一、德国私立精英大学VPH联盟领导者,柏林媒体设计学院于2016年在近126所开设媒体设计专业的德国大学中联合排名中位列第9。该榜单由德国权威大学专业数据库(studieren)与德国权威媒体专业高校数据库(medien-studieren)共同评选。

柏林媒体设计学院下设四个校区:柏林、慕尼黑、法兰克福和杜塞尔多夫,总部设在德国首都柏林。柏林媒体设计学院多校区的地理布局形成黃金三角,辐射整个德國与周边国家。柏林媒体设计学院拥有近400名教职员工,45 位全职教授,6000多家合作企业, 形成了德国高等教育领域最大的学生发展企业网络。

柏林媒体设计学院下设三所学院。三所学院分别是:设计学院、文化创意产业管理学院、数字媒体艺术/游戏设计职业教育学院 ;其中本科至研究生阶段的核心专业:媒体设计/视觉传达、时尚设计、数字电影设计-动画设计/视觉特效专业、游戏设计、新媒体制作、媒体管理、时尚管理等,2020年起新增开设工业/产品设计、交互设计、空间设计等专业的同时增加英文授课专业。柏林媒体设计学院所有专业都获得德国高等教育权威质量评估机构(ZEvA)的国际认证。柏林媒体设计学院所颁发的文凭全球认可,在过去的30多年中培养了4万多名毕业生。


Media Design University - MD.H

The Media Design University for Applied Sciences, MD.H, was founded in 1987 as media design academy and was the first private university for media design in Germany in 2004. The MD.H was state-approved in 2004 according to the Berlin Higher Education Law and has also been institutionally accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities in 2010. The courses at the MD.H are therefore internationally recognized. In 2016, MD.H ranked 9th in a joint ranking of almost 126 German universities for media design. The list was published by the German university database (study) and the German media university database (media study).

The MD.H has three locations: Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, with Berlin, the German capital, as its headquarters. The geographical position of the MD.H forms a golden triangle that shines across Germany and the surrounding countries.
MD.H employs around 110 people, including 42 professors. The MD.H maintains intensive contacts with commercial companies with a focus on the media sector and is a member of the Association of Private Universities (VPH).
In addition, MD.H maintains a network with around 6000 partner companies, making it one of the largest networks of student development companies in the German higher education sector.

The MD.H is divided into three core areas: design, management and digital media art and game design. To achieve a bachelor's and / or master's degree, MD.H offers courses from media design to design management, fashion design, fashion management to digital film design (animation / VFX) as well as game design and media and communication management. In order to expand the portfolio, the MD.H considers to add further courses such as industrial / product design, interior design and interactive design to the range of courses and to expand the teaching to English.

By now, MD.H has trained more than 40,000 graduates and created a group of professional academic executives who have an impact on Germany and the world and who cultivate many high-ranking and complex top talents in the field of modern design. During their studies, the graduates have won many influential awards in Germany and around the world, including the Red Dot Design Award and the TDC (Type Directors Club).
Furthermore the MD.H offers students the opportunity to study internationally and, depending on their professional orientation, to take part in a student exchange at one of more than 146 universities in 24 countries around the world (cooperation with the IEC).

As one of the first universities of applied sciences to offer and implement "cross-border diversified training", MD.H supports students through its business contacts with companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Daimler Co. Ltd, BMW, Volkswagen, Allianz, Bayer, SAP, Deutsche Bank and other well-known companies. The MD.H in Berlin has been far ahead of other universities and has significantly increased the international competitiveness of its students. The employment rate of university graduates is around 80% within six months and around 95% within twelve months after graduation and confirms the quality of the studies at MD.H.

柏林媒体设计学院—附属高中 Mediadesign Akademie – MD.A

Mediadesign Akademie— MD.A 柏林媒体设计学院附属高中坐落于柏林媒体设计学院 慕尼黑校区。在这家艺术和科技氛围浓厚的学校里,学生描绘着德意志的天际线,更好地融入和实践MD.A学校的教育理念——将科学与艺术学科进行深度融合。MD.A所引领的教育创新唤起学生的觉知能力,激发和点亮学生们的协作与创新能力。MD.A 提倡的多学科艺术教育,将艺术创作、东西方艺术史、艺术批评与美学四门学科的内容整合、互补,把创造性活动与艺术评价和审美学习等有机地结合起来。从提高人文素养的角度,分阶段分重点地对学生进行艺术与科技融合的教育。MD.A 认为这种多学科与艺术教育融合的模式,能够从大、中、小学教育阶段相互衔接地完整、也是构建系统的艺术与科学教育的新体系。

Media Design Academy - technical college for design
Media Design Academy - MD.A

The Media Design Academy, MD.A, is the affiliated secondary school of the Media Design University of Applied Sciences (MD.H) in Munich. The educational philosophy of the MD.A is the deep integration of the scientific and art disciplines.

The educational innovations led by MD.A arouse the students' awareness, motivate and illuminate the collaboration and the innovative spirit of the students. The multidisciplinary art education represented by MD.A integrates and supplements the content of art creation, the art history of East and West, art criticism and art aesthetics and combines creative activities with art evaluation and aesthetic studies in an organic way. With a view to improve the knowledge of the humanities, students are gradually and purposefully taught how to integrate art and technology. MD.A believes that this multidisciplinary and art pedagogical model can be integrated into the whole process of primary, secondary education, and it is also a new system of systematic and artistic education.


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