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About the MD.H!

Right now MD.H offers English Programs only in Berlin.
MD.H offers Digital Film Design (B.A.), Game Design (B.Sc.), Media Management (B.A.), Design Management (M.A.) and Digital Leadership (M.A.).

The Media Design University of Applied Sciences has more than 30 years of experience in education. It offers state-recognized degree programmes in the areas most important to businesses: media, communication and design. There are three locations to choose from in the media and fashion strongholds of Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. Each campus combines a prime city location and modern facilities with lots of opportunities and flexible degree programmes.

Why MD.H for foreign students?

Garantueed German residency for 18 month permit after Graduation from MD.H.

Small classes of around 25 students will guarantee your successful graduation.

We offer scholarships up to 50% off the fee.

MD.H helps foreign students in all of their concerns when they want to study in Germany with onboarding (finding a living accommodation) and any Visa Concerns.


Media Design

Since the possibilities as a media designer are as endless as media itself, as a Media Design graduate the world will be your oyster. You could go on to work for multimedia or PR agencies, film or television production companies, the advertising departments of private companies or public bodies...the possibilities are endless.

Game Design

The concept seems simple: A good game should be fun. But creating a game that is really fun is, in reality, a much more complex task.

Digital Film Design – Animation/VFX

Already an integral part of the gaming sector, film industry and the advertising industry, 3D animations and VFZ continue to conquer new industries. The demand for skilled professionals is great - and rising!

Fashion Management

Fashion Managers hold the decision-making positions in national and international companies of the world's largest consumer goods industries.

Media Management

Are you interested in media and do you enjoy organising? Are you a communicative person who wants to work in a creative environment? Do you like working in a team and have lots of ideas? Then the Bachelor's degree programme Media Management is just right for you!


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