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Duration: 3 semesters
Type: full-time
Credits: 90 ECTS
Course: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Start: 1st April | 1st of October
Tuition fees: 650 € / month (EU) *
Locations: Munich Düsseldorf Berlin

Target group

The “Digital Leadership” master’s degree is aimed at everyone who wants to boost their professional career in the creative and media industry and who would like to further develop their knowledge in this area in a well-founded and practical manner.

All are addressed:

  • who enjoy the practical leadership of creative teams
  • who are interested in the strategic management of creative companies
  • who are enthusiastic about innovation and the latest technological developments in the creative industry

Culture and creative industries include (according to the WMK 2009 guidelines): music industry, book market, art market, film industry, broadcasting industry, performing arts, architecture market, design industry, press market, advertising market, software / games industry


Job profiles

With a media master's degree in digital leadership, you will work as a manager at the interface between creativity, digitization and business. Future employers are national and international companies in the media, creative and digital industries. But also companies that are faced with the challenge of developing new business models as a result of digital transformation.

This is where graduates find their professional future....

  • in multinational media groups that produce or distribute creative content such as film, TV or VoD products, or are involved in the production and marketing of games, music or digital print products,
  • also in start-up companies that develop new technologies and formats in the creative industry
  • as Project Leader; Digital Transformation Manager; Digital Transformation Consultant; Change Management Expert; Business Strategy Analyst; Senior Marketing Manager; Data Analyst; Innovation Manager; Agile Expert; IT Business Consultant; Head of Digitalization; Global Partnerships Manager…

As a media and creative manager, you can

  • Control and monitor media production processes. This includes both the conception and the production of media products.
  • Develop business strategies for companies in the creative industries.
  • Direct and monitor digital innovation efforts of companies. This includes the conception and implementation of product developments, the market launch and the controlling of the measures.
  • Promote the creativity of employees and stakeholders in a targeted manner and make them usable for the company.

Most important contents of the course

The course is divided into two attendance semesters with theory and project modules and a third semester that is completely dedicated to the master's thesis.Leadership (leadership skills):

"Leadership in Arts": Building leadership skills in creative work processesn 

  • Leading creative teams
  • Agile project management
  • Recruiting

"Strategic Management": Development of management skills in strategic corporate management

  • Company policy
  • Environmental and company analysis
  • Strategy development and implementation

“Innovation and Emerging Technologies”: Knowledge of innovation processes and new technologies

  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Innovation management

Creative Industries (industry knowledge)

"Digital Business Strategies in Creative Industries": Knowledge of structures and business models in the creative industry

  • Platform business models
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital transformation

"Data Science and AI"

  • AI in the media
  • Business models with AI
  • Neural Networks

“Conception and Production”: Knowledge of the conception and production of creative content

  • Creative techniques
  • Concept creation
  • Production processes in the creative industry

Learning by projects (practical projects in which you can apply the knowledge you have learned)

  • Creation of creative content (e.g. advertising, branded entertainment)
  • Development of digital business models in the creative industry (e.g. affiliate, cloud computing, gaming platforms, social media, use of artificial intelligence)

Elective options (management means more than "making money")

  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Interculturality and Diversity

This is what the MD.H offers you

The program ist offered in German and Englisch at all our three campuses. 

The Mediadesign Hochschule has over 30 years of experience in the field of education. It offers state-recognized courses in all media and design areas. There is a choice of three locations in the media and fashion strongholds of Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. This combines a good city location, modern facilities and many options for flexible study.

The career service, designed as an interface to the job market, is a special offer from MD.H. Its purpose is to promote the professional development of students and graduates, which it does very well thanks to a wealth of measures and contact offers.

Requirements for your studies

Admission requirements

A bachelor's or diploma degree in the fields of management or design is a prerequisite for studying in the master’s program “Digital Leadership”.

The MD.H offers the opportunity to start the course with 180 ECTS points. Missing ECTS points can be acquired through appropriate proof of performance in our development program. Extracurricular activities can also be credited if necessary. Let our study coordinators advise you.

Personal requirements

Personally, you should be keen to communicate and curious about technological innovations, enjoy working in a creative environment and be willing to work in a team.

Application process

A written application decides on admission. This is possible at any time and includes not only certificates but also a "Letter of motivation". A technical discussion will also take place.

The tuition fees:

The monthly tuition fees depend on the location and start at 650€ *.
In addition, we charge a one-time registration fee of 490€.

* Prices for students from non-EU countries:

Prices for students with a valid visa from non-EU countries may differ. The monthly tuition fees start at 895€, depending on your study location.
In addition, we charge a one-time registration fee of 490€. Please ask the student advisory team for additional service fees.

Get to know us!

Would you like to find out more about this course? Then simply contact the respective student advisory service in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich. We cordially invite you to our regular information evenings. There, professors and lecturers from the department provide insightful insights into the course. In a lively and vivid way, you will learn first-hand everything about the content and structure of the course, lesson times, financing and much more. A question and answer session and a guided tour through the university round off the event. You can find out the dates from our Student advisory.



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