Design yourself. International.

Design yourself. International.

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Think international.

If you are interested in studying at MD.H from abroad, you can obtain the necessary information on requirements and formalities directly from our student advisors in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich. We are becoming more and more international! And the MD.H is here to help! If you have general questions about MD.H international, please contact Lisa Kowalske, International Office, Berlin

Preparing for your studies as an international applicant.

The ASK - Akademie für Künste GmbH offers a professional study preparation for courses in the fields of free art and painting, design and media management including German courses (fee/2 semesters) in cooperation with its partner school, MD.H - Mediadesign Hochschule GmbH.

Study internationally.

You can take a semester abroad at any time during your studies. The Careers Service at the three campuses is there to help. In addition to selected events at the MD.H in English, students can also graduate with us in English.

International work placements.

The Careers Services at the three campuse are there to guide students when searching for a work placement abroad. Here are some reports from work placement semesters abroad:

International trips.

Students going on trips abroad is an important part of teaching at the MD.H:

Work internationally.

Our graduates are working all over the world! Experiences:

The international world (of work) guest lectures at the MD.H:



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