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Student finance

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Funding options

Here you can find an overview of public and private funding options and credits for funding your studies at the Media Design School. Our Student Advice Team is happy to help.

Why does the MD.H charge tuition fees?

The MD.H is a private school that is not subsidised by the government. Tuition fees are the school’s main source of funding. This is used for research, teaching, administration and organisation. As a state-recognised and accredited education provider, we offer you a first-class education. With its long-standing high integration into the work market quota, our Careers Service paves the way for a successful start in the world of work.

What payment methods are there?

You have the possibility of paying a set rate per month during your studies. The amount of this rate depends on the total cost of your chosen programme. You can save money by paying a large amount or all of your tuition fees up front.

Tuition fees discounts

You can save money by paying a large amount or all of your tuition fees up front. MD.H offers:


  • You will receive a 5% discount on tuition fees if you pay in full before beginning your undergraduate degree programme (3% discount for postgraduate degrees).
  • You will receive a 3% discount of the annual amount if you pay before starting semesters 1, 2 or 5 or a semester rate before semester 7.
  • 1% discount off per semester payments before the beginning of the semester.
  • These discounts only apply to tuition fees.

You can find out more information and an individual financial solution by contacting the Student Advice Team.

(Last updated October 2019)

MD.H bursaries

You can also apply for a bursary at the Media Design School. The bursary is designed for talented and financially disadvantaged applicants who are new to the MD.H and interested in studying an undergraduate degree. You can apply for a bursary once the normal application process has been completed and you have been accepted onto the programme. MD.H bursary recipients will receive a monthly discount of 25% on their tuition fees. We will soon be announcing the application deadline for winter semester 2020/21. You can find the application forms and further information by contacting the Student Advice Team at your preferred campus.  

MD.H loans

In the event of financing hurdles, there is the option of applying for a favourable loan on fixed terms from MD.H for the entire term. You must be able to pay back this loan. This will also be subject to conditions imposed by the bank. The loan contract will be concluded between the student and the MD.H before you start studying. Three and a half years of funding up to graduation; two years of repayments in identical fixed rates. However, you may pay back up to any amount in one-off payments. You can find out more information by contacting the Student Advice Team.


Austrian mobility grant

Since the winter semester of 2008/09 it has been possible to receive study grants in the form of a mobility scholarship for a course of study entirely in a country of the European Economic Area (EEA) or in Switzerland. This mobility scholarship will be paid out in the first year of studies after confirmation of academic achievement of at least 15 ECTS points. You can find out more information here.


The entitlement to funding according to the Federal Education Promotion Act for German students exists - as at state universities - also when studying at the Media Design School. The payment is means-tested.

There are also funding options for foreign students. The responsible BAFöG-office will be happy to inform you about the necessary requirements.

The decisive factor for the application is the place where the university is located and not the place of residence. The Department for Further Education [Amt für Ausbildungsförderung] in Berlin is responsible for the Media Design School.

Student Union Berlin

The Department for Further Education [Amt für Ausbildungsförderung]
Behrenstraße 40/41
10117 Berlin
Tel.: 030 93939-70
Fax: 030 93939-887279

New: online applications at

Tuesday 10 - 12 am and 1.30 - 3.30 pm
Thursday 3 - 6 pm 

With the reform of the BAföG on 1 August 2008, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has further improved the funding options and funding rates.

Via a special service, the BAföG calculator, interested parties can calculate in advance whether they are entitled to BAföG and, if so, how much funding they should receive. The BAföG calculator is available free of charge on the hotline +49 (0)1805 262 301 (€0.12/min) and can be downloaded online at

You can find out more information on the BAföG in the “Training support” brochure and by calling the free hotline +49 (0)800 2236 341.


BAföG payments cannot be made retrospectively! It is therefore crucial to get all the necessary information early and apply in good time. You can get on-site advice at the Department for Further Education Office [Amt für Ausbildungsförderung]. For students, the competent authority is always that of the head offices of the school. For the MD.H, this is Berlin only.

KfW study credit

The KfW study credit is valid for all students regardless of their own income or that of their parents. In addition to the favourable conditions, the repayment phase, which can be extended to a period of up to 25 years, is particularly interesting.

Here are the most important characteristics:

  • Monthly Payments of between €100-650
  • No guarantee needed
  • Repayment begin between 6 to 23 months after all payments have been made
  • Repayments are flexible over a maximum period of 25 years
  • This can be combined with BAföG and other student credits

This loan option can be granted in addition to BAföG funding to finance extraordinary expenses that are not covered by the BAföG.

This credit will be paid retrospectively. You must apply with the KfW at the latest 14 days before you start studying with a confirmation of enrolment!

When applying for student credit, it is important that the monthly funding amount takes into account the monthly payment interest payments. This drastically reduces the amount of monthly sums. When applying, there is also the option of offsetting the interest payments while you are studying if you meet 2/3 of all credit points. You only have to start paying off the interest once you have completed your studies.

You can get answers to technical questions about student credit by calling the KfW information hotline on +49 (0)1801 242 425

Student credit in higher semesters or master degrees

German citizens between the ages of 18 and 36 are eligible if they fall into the following categories:

  • Students that have controlled assessments.
  • Students who, having finished the first part of a consecutive degree programme, are completing a postgraduate degree, master’s degree, or equivalent.
  • Students of an additional, further or development programme.
  • Participants of a work placement in Germany or abroad in relation to their studies.
  • The monthly payments amount to €300, totalling a maximum of €7,200 over 24 months.
  • The interest is slightly lower than with student credit.

You should apply for this credit with the Federal Office of Administration [Bundesverwaltungsamt]. You can find more information on student credit at or direct on their website

Bursaries from the government and private institutions

In principle, all students are eligible for a bursary. Below is a selection of the main funding agencies in the university sector:

Scholarships to promote part time studying and further vocational training

The study and seminar times at the Media Design School are designed so that you can work while studying. The Careers Service is there to help you with information and contact addresses when you are looking for a suitable job.

You can find more information on:



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