Teaching at the MD.H

Teaching at the MD.H

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Your future - our mission

Are you planning your future in the world of design and media? That's very good. So are we. For more than 25 years, we have been leading students with our expertise and experience into one of the most exciting industries of the present - and future. And exactly where business, media and design meet: in the creative strongholds of Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf.

The trainings take place in close connection with the lecturers. Regular practical projects and a practical semester establish the connection to the companies already during the training and promote the team spirit of our participants. Overall, the Mediadesign University employs 42 Professors. The Career Service accompanies the transition to the professional world at every location.

Study at the MD.H

The Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences offers a total of five bachelor's degree programmes. The courses of study Media Design, Fashion Business, Media Management and Digital Film Design - Animation/VFX conclude with the Bachelor of Arts. The course of study Game Design ends with the Bachelor of Science.

The Master´s degree course Design Management concludes with the Master of Arts.

All attendance courses at the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences are accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA).

Study alongside the job

If you are looking for a new career orientation or a well-founded education for the next step in your career, we are exactly the right choice. We offer you the best possible theoretical and practical tools. Our plus: valuable contacts in the world of work, which are only waiting for recommendations from us; motivated students who want to make progress both professionally and personally; and students who are not satisfied with the first degree programme, but with the best.

Training and further education

The best possible training - this is exactly what we are aiming for. In addition to university teaching, the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences successfully conducts training courses with a Chamber of Industry and Commerce degree for the Media Designer Digital and Print.

Evening courses for professionals and the MediaCamp during the summer holidays for all young and young at heart who want to test their talent for media professions complete the offer of the MD.H.


The Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences is represented in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf with its own educational centres on a total area of 12,000 sqm. The locations have extensive, high-quality media technology, including professionally equipped image and sound studios in Berlin and Munich.



Print view of: https://en.mediadesign.de/ueber-die-mdh/lehre.