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Mission statement

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Closer to the practice

The professors and lecturers of the MD.H worked and work successfully in practice. This ensures that students acquire up-to-date and relevant knowledge with which they can achieve professional success.

Closer to the professors

There are no mass lectures at the MD.H. The small seminar groups and the excellent accessibility of the lecturers ensure the direct connection between students and lecturers.

Closer to the company

Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin are among Germany's media and design capitals. In joint projects with leading publishers, agencies, production companies and other companies, students get to know the practice.

Closer to the jobs

Proximity to companies also means proximity to potential employers. The MD.H supports the students individually with the career service.

Closer to the pulse of media, design and computer science

No industry is changing faster than the media, design and information technology industries. For this reason, MD.H is constantly adapting its curricula and courses of study to the new requirements of the market.



Print view of: https://en.mediadesign.de/ueber-die-mdh/leitbild.